Passion meets logic. Overflowing with technology and performance, the CITROËN C5 is all about control, comfort, safety and driver enjoyment. Available in both saloon and tourer models, virtually every function of the CITROËN C5 is monitored and controlled by three digital computer networks, working seamlessly to deliver you a driving experience you won’t soon forget.

Wherever you look, the CITROËN C5 inspires awe and desire. With elegant, energetic lines of the Saloon, this is a car created to turn heads as quickly as it turns corners. With muscular wheel arches and a concave rear window, its road presence is impossible to ignore.


The intuitive and innovative driving position is designed to resemble a cockpit, made for driving thrills. It is equipped with a fixed-centred controls steering wheel for immediate access to the most frequently used functions.

Slip inside for ergonomical seats that have been designed for maximum comfort. Heated, ergonomically-sculpted, electronic front seats can be effortlessly adjusted to your preferred position, and even boast a driver’s seat with massage function in the Exclusive model.

The CITROËN C5 combines the performance and comfort usually found in executive cars. The sophisticated running gear soaks up any bumps and dips in the road, while the choice between our two suspensions will satisfy all driving styles.

C5 Colours

* Premium paint at additional cost.
Colours and trims displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to the display proces