Life is about making history. Not repeating it. Accordingly, every element and angle of the class-defining DS 3 is fresh and dynamic. When creating the DS 3, our designers were guided by three core principles: Surprise, Appeal and Vitality. All have been achieved in one of the most personalisable cars ever. The DS 3 is all about you, because of its huge range of personalisation options, it allows you to fine tune a car that reflects your character and taste more clearly and stylishly than ever. And now, the DS 3 is more irresistible than ever with its new DS LED Vision light signature. Let the new DS 3 reveal you!


The new DS 3 allows you to express yourself more than ever. With a wide range of new personalisation options to suit your taste; from the 29 body and roof colour combinations to the interior trim options, door mirror housings, gear knobs and roof decals. Create a car that reflects you.

The new stunning headlights of the DS 3 combine Xenon and LED technologies into a truly hypnotic gaze. Scrolling indicator lights stroke the outer edges in a display of futurism sure to turn heads as you turn corners.

Look inside and you’ll see inviting, and enveloping seats, stylish and crystal clear instruments and perfectly honed details, all in high quality, tactile materials. To complete the remarkable ambience inside the DS 3, you can even select from a range of fragrances for the built-in air freshener.

DS 3 Colours

* Premium paint at additional cost.
Colours and trims displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to the display proces